My name is Tevin Cherry from Thomaston Georgia.

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer as of June 2020. I’ve always had a passion to train and build my body from an early age. I began strength training to help out with wrestling My junior year of High School  for wrestling In 2009 . I continued my fitness journey all throughout College at Gordon State (2010-2013) garnering a degree in business administration and integrated studies (2013-2016). My ultimate goal is to overcome Cerebral Palsy and walk on my own without assistance. I am a advocate for people with different-abilities and I look forward to serving my community and helping my clients reach their full potential.

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Tevin's Fitness Journey

I could make an argument that my fitness journey started from the minute I was old enough to roll over. I would lose count if I tried to remember all of the physical therapy sessions I had from then to my time in high school being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. My personal fitness journey started in my junior year of high school in order to help build strength for wrestling. My coaches and the football team had a profound impact on my interest and I made it my mission to become a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach. I started making videos for YouTube and various other platforms because I couldn’t find anyone else who worked out like I did at the time. My overall goal is to help people who seek to improve their movement capacity physically and mentally.

Favorite Song

Miracle Worker by Rance Allen

What Body Positive Means to Tevin

Body Positivity is about loving your body no matter its size or shape. Fitness is more about the mental aspect, meaning that training should feel good and give a person higher esteem on the inside. The numbers on the scale don’t define The Being that rests inside the physical shell.

What Others Say About Tevin

I have been working with Tevin for several months to gain functional strength in midlife. Tevin is very professional and a highly knowledgeable personal trainer. He knows his stuff and knows how to design workouts to help his clients meet their personal goals. He is motivating and patient, and his perspective is unique in the personal training world; he knows the value of functional strength as well as being as strong as possible. Tevin is the trainer for anyone no matter what their goals are, and I am looking forward to my continued fitness journey with him.
Barbara T

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