Cancellation Request

Cancellation Policies

We are sad to hear you would like to cancel your membership and/or personal training, but hope you have enjoyed your time with us!

Please be advised that this form is only a request for cancellation and does not confirm that your account has been cancelled. Additional steps may be required. You should receive follow-up confirmation within 72 hours either requesting additional information to complete your request or confirming your cancellation via the email on file. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact Clarity Fitness Member Services (, (216) 245-3965) to confirm receipt of all required documentation and fees, if applicable.

A summary of current cancellation terms and conditions can be found below; however, please refer to your individual Membership or Personal Training Agreement for exact policies and additional information as it pertains to your individual Agreement.

Cancellation & Freeze Types

Members can freeze their membership for up to 3 months in a calendar year (consecutive or non-consecutive) for financial hardships, travel, or schedule changes. Please allow 48 hours for the request to be processed. If you are wanting to freeze your account before the next processing date, please submit request no later than the 3rd of the month.

You joined this week and wish to discontinue membership.

You are within your initial 1 month or 12 month installment term and wish to cancel during your term commitment. 30 days notice is required.

You have completed your initial term (usually 1 month or 12 month installments) and wish to cancel month-to-month auto-renewal. There is not a fee associated with this cancellation type, however does require 30 days notice.

You have relocated 20 or more miles away from the Clarity Fitness location.  Acceptable proof of relocation must be provided to qualify for this provision. 30 days notice is required.

Upon submission of your request, a Member Services representative will check your account and requested Cancellation Type for eligibility. If eligible, your request will be processed and you will receive confirmation email. If not eligible, you will receive a follow-up email outlining next steps to fulfill your request.

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