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We’re not just another gym. 

Photography by: Aaron Schorch

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Photography by: Aaron Schorch

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Photography by: Aaron Schorch

HAES, Body Positive, and Eating Disorder Informed Personal Training

Here at Clarity Fitness, we're a scale-free, diet-free, BMI-free, beating-yourself-up-free establishment online and in person, and Georgia's FIRST body positive gym. Abbey Griffith, the owner of Clarity Fitness, recovered from eating disorders that were largely brought on by the extreme and weight-loss centered messaging so commonly pushed by the fitness industry. It's an amazing feeling to realize that that is NOT what health really is, and we’re here to bring you that same sense of Clarity and relief, too!

Over 90% of people are unhappy with their bodies – not because there’s anything “wrong” with them, but because the fitness industry makes serious money in leading you to believe that there is.


Body Positivity means four things to us here at Clarity. 

We believe that it’s time to focus on overall wellness as it relates to your movement, mood, energy, mental, emotional, and social health, and overall quality of life! Fitness is not here to change your body, it’s here to take care of it.

We believe that it’s time to step away from the scale. There’s ample evidence to show that weight loss does NOT equal health gained, health cannot be determined by the number on a scale, and your worth most certainly won’t be found in that dang number! We’re a scale free facility, and encourage you to make your home the same!

We believe that it’s time to move your body with respect – not forcing your body to change, shrink, grow, or hurt. Workouts are here to be a joyful, empowering, and positive part of your day. Go play and find what you enjoy!

We believe that it’s time to make wellness sustainable, flexible, and fun. When people think of health, they think of pressure, extremes, rigidity, and rules. When we release this false idea, we see that we can move, fuel, and take care of our bodies on our own terms. If you’re not enjoying it, it’s not working, and we’re here to help you find what you love.

We’re flipping the script from the typical fitness industry approach. We’re bringing you a Wellness Center geared toward helping our members find a desire and excitement in taking care of their bodies, instead of continuing to punish them.

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