He / Him

Jon Rust

Lead Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer. It’s my belief that movement, that is well-suited for the individual, has profound benefits in the way of longevity and quality of life.

More About Jon

Jon's Fitness Journey

I first stepped into a gym in 2016, while I was attending an acting conservatory program in Virginia, receiving my BFA. In the competitive environment I was steeped in, I was always looking for ways to optimize my chances of succeeding in the entertainment industry. A healthy body seemed crucial. At first, I simply began building the habit of showing up consistently. After graduation, I had more energy to focus on fitness. My initial goal was aesthetics, but as time went by, I began to understand the incredible value in resistance training for every body type, regardless of goals. I am determined to de-stigmatize resistance training as a “bodybuilders sport” and share the life-changing benefits with every walk of life.

What Body Positive Means to Jon

Body Positivity, to me, means loving one’s body for it’s amazing and unique capabilities, rather than determining it’s value based on appearance.

Favorite Song

Stupid Deep by Jon Bellion