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Hello hello! I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, went to school for Industrial Engineering at University of Miami down in Florida, and landed here in Atlanta in the middle! I was in a lifelong battle against my body until I was about 22, and unfortunately was sent to therapy for what had become anorexia and bulimia. When I went into therapy, everything I knew about fitness was challenged in the best way. I thought being “fit” was a certain body type, meant eating and working out a certain way, and that I was destined to live the rest of my life consumed by dieting, weight loss, and overall a super nasty relationship with movement and food! But hey -- here we are!

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Abbey's Fitness Journey

I was never involved in team sports in school, but really loved horseback riding and boxing! College fitness took a turn for the worst, and things got much more extreme and regimented in the beginning until I started my eating disorder recovery journey. I actually had no idea I was struggling until going to therapy, and in doing so I was able to start playing with movement again. I tried dance classes, spin, bootcamps, yoga, meditation, stretching, and rollerblading movement adventures, and really found a new love of movement with endless possibilities!

Favorite Song

Selfish by Rihanna

What Body Positive Means to Abbey

Seeing beauty and worth in all bodies - including yours! - as they are

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