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Abbey Griffith

Owner, Manager, Trainer

Hello hello! I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, went to school for Industrial Engineering at University of Miami down in Florida, and landed here in Atlanta in the middle! I was in a lifelong battle against my body until I was about 22, and unfortunately was sent to therapy for multiple eating disorders. When I went into therapy, everything I knew about fitness was challenged in the best way. I thought being “fit” meant a certain body type. I thought health meant eating and working out a certain way. I thought that the constant pursuit of weight loss was just the way it was - I thought that dieting, stressing, thinking about food always, and hating what I saw in the mirror was “normal”, and nothing that needed change, or could be changed.

I’m honored to be one of the many voices of recovered individuals to provide hope to those struggling today that they absolutely can get through this. Fortunately eating disorders ARE curable, and I’m so grateful to be in a community that is demanding long needed change.

More About Abbey

Abbey's Fitness Journey

I was never involved in team sports in school, but really loved horseback riding and boxing! College fitness took a turn for the worst, and things got much more extreme and regimented in the beginning until I started my eating disorder recovery journey. I actually had no idea I was struggling until going to therapy, and in doing so I was able to start playing with movement again. I tried dance classes, spin, bootcamps, yoga, meditation, stretching, and rollerblading movement adventures, and really found a new love of movement with endless possibilities!

What Body Positive Means to Abbey

Supporting Weight Inclusive, Body Liberation, and Eating Disorder Awareness efforts, and showing up in these spaces to demand change

Favorite Song

Selfish by Rihanna