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We are Georgia’s FIRST body positive fitness studio. Join us to explore your fitness journey in a safe and empowering way!

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Access our on demand workout library and livestream workshops. You will also have introductory virtual personal training session with a hand selected trainer.

What is body positivity?

Body Positivity is a massive social justice movement promoting acceptance of all body shapes, sizes, abilities, genders, and skin tones.

Check out our friends at ASDAH and NAAFA to get involved and learn more.

Meet our Founder, Abbey Griffith!

Hi friends! I’m Abbey, Owner and Founder of Clarity Fitness, Georgia’s first eating-disorder-informed, weight inclusive, and body positive fitness center!

As an eating disorder survivor, I’ve done some serious work to embrace the phrase “I am enough”. In recovery, the first time I truly embraced that phrase and let it sink in, I felt free. I found a sense of CLARITY; a mental and emotional weight lifted off my shoulders as I explored what fitness and eating looked like when it was sustainable, flexible, and fun (too often forgotten!) for me.

We workout because we are grateful for our bodies and want to take care of them, not because we hate them. We’re here to help you move toward the same!

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Please note: You'll be emailed within 24 hours of sign up for instructions for keyless entry. Please email info@clarityfitness.com for any assistance.

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