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Clarity Fitness Class Sampler and Live DJ!

Clarity Fitness Class Sampler and Live DJ!

October 18, 2022 7:00 PM

Try out all 3 types of Clarity's fitness classes — Have a Blast, In the Zone, and Rejuvenate!

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What makes Clarity Different?

West Ponce Music Stroll

Come join Clarity and other local businesses at this fun outdoor event! Fun runs, dog walks, artist vendors, and live music!

Saturday, September 25

11:00 AM

What is Body Positivity?

Body Positivity is a massive social movement promoting acceptance of all body shapes, sizes, abilities, genders, and skin tones. Check out our friends at ASDAH and NAAFA to get involved and learn more.

Meet our Founder, Abbey Griffith!

Hi friends! I’m Abbey, Owner and Founder of Clarity Fitness, Georgia’s first eating-disorder-informed, weight inclusive, and body positive fitness center!

As an eating disorder survivor, I’ve done some serious work to embrace the phrase “I am enough”. In recovery, the first time I truly embraced that phrase and let it sink in, I felt free. I found a sense of CLARITY; a mental and emotional weight lifted off my shoulders as I explored what fitness and eating looked like when it was sustainable, flexible, and fun (too often forgotten!) for me.

What if you never needed to go on another diet to be “lean enough”? What if you moved your body in ways that you actually enjoyed, instead of working out because you “had to”? What if you could see the reality that you’re more than enough exactly as you are. Today. Right now. At this second. What does that feel like? If that phrase hit home for you like it did for me, know that Clarity is here to help you live it.

We workout because we are grateful for our bodies and want to take care of them, not because we hate them. We’re here to help you move toward the same!

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