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Kayla Marie Deslandes


As an individual who has had a difficult past with the relationship to their body, food and movement, I am committed to coaching with empathy and attentiveness. I believe that you cannot put fitness in a box because it is meant to be personalized to each unique individual, so that we can all feel natural in our movements. My mission as a coach is to help people find the version of fitness they enjoy with a balance of evidence-based exercise science and authentic connections.

More About Kayla

Kayla's Fitness Journey

I grew up with a love for movement but struggled with self-criticism and toxic expectations. My ill relationship with body image turned my passion for fitness into an obsession, and left me feeling that food had to be earned only through exercise. It wasn't until I started work as an aide in a physical therapy clinic that my outlook on exercise was rewritten. I witnessed how exercise could be healing, joyful and empowering; and how exercise came in different forms for different people.

In awe of all that the human body could accomplish through movement, I became certified through NASM to be a personal trainer. My coaching focus is functional strength training and mobility, with the addition of my newest certification being pre and post natal fitness!

What Body Positive Means to Kayla

To me, body positivity is gratitude for all that your body can do, in all of its stages.

Favorite Song

Evergreen by Yebba