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Frannie McClure

Hi I'm Frannie- an intense athlete turned yogi:) So excited to meet you! I am from Tallahassee, FL, went to Auburn University and now live in ATL! This summer I went back to school for a degree in exercise science and am loving it! My style of yoga is slower vinyasa based with an emphasis on accessibility, inclusivity, alignment and strength-work. I want my students to feel warm and welcome as soon as they step into the classroom and leave feeling light and joyful. Yoga, meaning union, meets all of us on the mat right where we are and invites us to share a beautiful experience with ourselves and each other. It can become a part of our every-day life beyond the mat too! One day, I hope to become a yoga therapist and break stigmas that many people have about the practice by integrating yogic techniques into the medical filed. I cannot wait to meet you!

More About Frannie

Frannie's Fitness Journey

I have been playing sports since lower school (cross country, track and tennis), but my real journey began early in college. As a serious cross country athlete, I often pushed my body to its limits without a second though, which began a toxic cycle both mentally and physically. This ultimately led to a series of injuries and years of abuse. After so much time ignoring my body, I found myself post-college crippled by both fear and physical limitations. On top of all this, I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder. Feeling helpless, I sought out healing alternatives to physical therapy... and enter yoga! The mental and physical properties of this practice gave me a new outlook- a way to RESPECT and LOVE my body through movement even with its limitations. Yoga also opened the door to a new desire to help and heal others through its beauty. Yoga meets all of us where we are and embraces what we bring. Each time someone steps into my classroom, I want them to feel how welcome they are- I want them to see their own strength, capability and unique beauty.

What Body Positive Means to Frannie

For me, body positivity means learning the whole, beautiful story that makes each person who they are- and highlighting that gorgeous individual. Each person is their own masterpiece that makes them them- and that is so worth celebrating!!

Favorite Song

SOS by the Jonas Brothers