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Deborah Chambers

Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

Hey Everyone! I was born in New Haven, CT and raised in Atlanta, GA. I am an NCSF nationally certified personal training coach and hold kettlebell certification through Kettlebell Athletics. My approach to training is seen through a creative, environmental, structured and safe lens. My goal is to transform the outlook of mind, body, soul and spirit for each of my clients.

More About Deborah

Deborah's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began as a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor, 12 years ago. I received professional dance training at New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL and the Ailey School in NYC. I stepped into the personal training world because I saw other dancers consistently becoming injured and realized the importance of cross training and knowledge of human anatomy to support a physical, athletic career. Throughout the years, I have also seen so many dancers battling through eating disorders, negative self-image and lack of confidence. It became a priority for me to encourage and support these individuals with the tools to rebuild a life where mind, body, soul and spirit are valued. This is essential to reaching any goal that we have. The work starts at the core of our very being and is enhanced by community and accountability. This is the supportive mindset that I am honored to extend to each of my clients.

My personal training experience began at Equinox in 2018, where I became immersed in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology & exercise science. This gave me the opportunity to work with many people who experienced impacts to their personal health and fitness that affected their daily life and environment. I was honored to be an integral part in transforming their lives through pain-free movement, mental and physical connections and joy.

What Body Positive Means to Deborah

To embrace and love the mind, body, soul and spirit that we possess. To appreciate the unique design that we have been blessed to display, while walking in confidence.

Favorite Song

I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston