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Bryan Aiken


All I’ve ever wanted is to be helpful.

For many years, that manifested as a career in graphic design, branding small businesses and nurturing the confidence of the people behind them. But once I combined my passion for helping others on their unique paths to success, with a fascination with physical and mental wellness, my own path became clear: I am now a full-time, ACE-Certified CPT with an emphasis on strength training and postural investment! All aspects of one’s life can be made easier through appropriate training, and I offer this guidance with an emphasis on communication, body positivity, empathy, and a science-focused approach.

Outside the gym, I perform internationally as a musician, as the songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of multiple projects. As a lifelong gamer, I have a dedicated love for video games and the industry surrounding them.

More About Bryan

Bryan's Fitness Journey

I had never lifted a weight until my late 20s, when the reality of one's life as a musician came into focus for me: it's basically a lot of lifting and running, on little sleep and inconsistent food. So I started to practice the exact movements that would make my specific life easier, over and over, until they were no longer intimidating. It wasn't about aesthetics, or any general programming that make up some fitness standard, it was simply about being prepared. And that epiphany improved my life so completely that it diverted my entire career path!

I've realized – just as practice makes perfect – that anyone, at any age or size, will benefit from investing in their strengths, so they can focus on the things that drive them, not the movements that drive them there!

What Body Positive Means to Bryan

You are already as you should be: your body has everything it needs. It's impossibly complex, uniquely beautiful, and it's all you have to navigate your life. And investing in it – in anything in our lives – shouldn't mean it's "bad" as it is.

Maintaining a new car doesn't mean that it's old, and reading a book doesn't mean you're unintelligent – in fact, it usually means the opposite. And so, accruing strength and improving mobility shouldn't feel like admitting that you're weak, and self-care doesn't mean you're broken as you are. It means that you care enough for yourself, the people in your life, and the things that you love to do, to be as healthy and strong as you can be as you pursue victories outside the gym!

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