Jan 04, 2024

Move with Clarity

Clarity Fitness is not your average gym; it is a sanctuary from societal body pressures dedicated to making movement fun again. Here, working out is not about aesthetics or a number on the scale. In fact, there is a massive wall display of smashed scales at the entry of their luxurious locker rooms, an impactful reminder of where true health is found. These freeing messages punctuate the intentionally built space: from tinted mirrors in the main gym area to positive affirmations along the walls, Clarity Fitness wants every client to feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated. Abbey Griffith, founder and owner, sees downtown Decatur as the perfect place for this counter-cultural approach to fitness.

This studio sets clients up for success at every turn. There are QR codes featuring video demonstrations on every piece of equipment, ensuring you never feel lost or confused. Group fitness classes are highly modifiable and named for the feelings they engender: In the Zone for strength and conditioning, Rejuvenate for gentle yoga-based movements, and Have a Blast for their epic dance classes.

The messages we receive from all angles matter, and Clarity Fitness promotes body positivity, fat positivity, and body liberation. As an essential social justice movement, this mission leads to an inclusive space built for all shapes and sizes while honing in on the true definition of healthy living. This mindset shift sets the stage for everyone to honor the skin they’re in with peace and, dare I say, clarity.

Abbey Griffith wants your body to be your teammate. While in eating disorder recovery, she sought a way to structure movement routines that avoid compulsivity and encourage positivity. She began experimenting with removing weigh-ins to focus on strength and having fun with her personal training clients. This switch from numbers and aesthetics to joyful movement and emotional liberation is what Clarity Fitness is all about.

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