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May 14, 2021

BIG NEWS! Clarity Fitness’ owner Abbey Griffith is running her extremely popular 10 week Body Positive Course, with registration closing May 31st! Want to know more about what this course is, offers, and does for people just like you? Look no further! Here is everything you need to know before you sign up for a course that will change your life! 

Here’s a short paragraph from the registration site to give you a taste of what this course is all about: 

Each week you will work through an educational module at your own time and pace, and we will have a weekly group video call to go over any questions and dive deeper. It’s going to be totally hands-on with Abbey, filled with incredible powerhouse people who will totally support you on every step of your fitness journey, as I’m sure you will for them too. You also get the content for life so there’s no stress about rushing through and absorbing it all - I know life gets busy!

Sounds interesting, but you are not quite sure? I (Sara) was lucky enough to take this course back around when quarantine started, and I’m here to tell you the practically unmeasurable impact it had on my life. So here are a few different tidbits from my time, to convince you that taking this course is one of the best things you can do for yourself! 


The educational materials that Abbey has compiled for this course are top notch. Even as a busy graduate student, I was able to easily sift through, watch videos, and stay on top of the content (even though there is no pressure to). As someone who considers herself well versed in the body positive movement, I learned SO much, especially from the well led discussions that we had every week. One of my favorite modules was the “Accountability” one: that word carries so much weight and I loved unpacking and reframing how accountability can work for me rather than against me!

Community Building: 

I absolutely adored the community of like minded people that I got to see on a weekly basis during the Body Positive Wellness Class. I still talk to many of the folks that I met, because the bonds we forged during that course were deeply personal in such a short amount of time. The material is really impactful, but it can also be really difficult, and having people traversing through that material with me that I trusted was a pivotal part of my experience! 


While this course won’t magically cure the lifetime of indoctrination we have all had in terms of diet culture, I can say confidently that a mindset shift will happen for you if you put in the work. No matter where you are in your body positivity journey (because we are ALL always working on it), Abbey will be able to help you move to that next space of learning and living in ways that actually serve you and not the world around you. 

Convinced? Follow this link HERE to snag your spot in this coveted class!

Go Check out the video:

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