Feb 18, 2022

Embrace True Self

We have so many ways to “connect” with others these days, whether that be on twitter, Instagram, TikTok, meetup, next-door, or clubhouse; how often do you take time to connect with yourself? Unfortunately, we get so caught up in the world around us that we lose sight of who we are and what values are important to us. You may find yourself generally unhappy, more discontent, agreeing for the sake of avoiding confrontation, or even more isolated; maybe this doesn’t have so much to do with what you “don’t have” but forgetting what you do have, what we all have…ourselves and being your own best friend. 

The end of February is national eating disorder awareness week and it’s a great time to pause and reflect. Are you fully living into your truest self and embracing who you are?

Here are some ways to embrace your true self: 

  • Ask yourself what you want, then go after it
  • Learn to be confident in yourself, stop apologizing for being who you are
  • Focus on yourself, instead of comparing yourself to others  
  • Celebrate small victories because they really do add up to bigger successes 
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself
  • Engage in movement joyfully, not as a form of punishment or obligation 
  • Discover what makes you excited to get up in the morning 
  • See the glass as half full and focus on the positive 
  • Always try, don’t set your mindset to failure
  • Honor your body’s needs, learn to listen and be familiar with its rhythms 
  • Learn from the mistakes you make, reevaluate, and then try again 
  • Nothing and nobody is perfect so don’t set your expectations to perfection 
  • And lastly, have more fun, be more spontaneous, laugh more, move your body in an enjoyable way, and be more carefree 

We hope that these mindful changes will help you to realign with your truest self and bring you more contentment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with negative body image, disordered eating, yo-yo dieting, low self-worth, or an eating disorder reach out today to Beyond Rules Recovery, they are your eating disorder experts. Beyond Rules Recovery is a peer-based recovery program that offers mentoring, support groups, and trainings to assist people to live a life in full recovery. You can find them on their website at www.beyondrulesrecovery.org or call them at 612-207-8720.

Clarity Fitness is another great resource to incorporate movement and fitness in a balanced and self-care kind of way. They are a scale-free, diet-free, BMI-free, beating-yourself-up-free body positive gym offering online and in person fitness guidance. You can find them on their website at www.clarityfitness.com or call them at 216-245-3965.

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