Dec 12, 2020

Conquering Fears in Fitness

A new lifestyle sounds great. Taking your health and fitness to a place where you still get to live your life, spend time with loved ones, AND enjoy foods and drinks you love? What could be better?!

Is it just me, or is changing anything about your fitness or nutrition plan freaking terrifying?

I may not think this way anymore, but let me tell you… The thought of gaining even a pound due to changing something about my food or fitness plan would cause me to LOSE SLEEP in my past! Literally could not think of anything more awful.

Now, after struggling through my own fitness journey due to a total lack of conversations around BALANCE (i.e. not all this extreme craziness that’s feeding into the stress levels around eating and working out), I refuse to coach anything health or fitness related without touching on mindset.


The idea of loving your body, spending more time with family and friends, living your life, and thinking WAYYYY less about food sounds awesome conceptually, but the process of getting there? Now that’s a whole different ballgame.

If being a perfectionist about food and fitness hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, how could RELEASING that pressure do it?!

It is all about taking it one step at a time, pairing up with a trainer who knows his or her stuff WHILE still seeing the importance of sustainability, flexibility, and actually LIKING what you’re doing, and being vulnerable.

It will be scary, it will be out of your comfort zone, and there will be some days that are easier than others, but I got you. I am here to talk WHENEVER you need me, and I am cheering you on with pom poms and margaritas!!!

Letting yourself live again is the best thing that you can do to break past that hamster-wheel-getting-no-where feeling. And no, you will NOT gain all the weight back from doing so, either!

I am taking two more clients this month for one on one online coaching, and would LOVE to see your name pop up in my application submissions! The link is in my bio to join, and I can’t wait to help you bring some pre-summer fitness wins your way!

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