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I’m a natural movement expert. With 4 years of experience in advance calisthenics training, I’m also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Body awareness is a huge focus point for me. I believe each person will thrive with movement so long as they find the form of movement their body desires.

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TJ's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started on October 1st, 2015. This was the day I decided to start my calisthenics journey. For me, it was the first time I made a commitment to stick with a fitness routine. 2 years into my journey, I started to recognize a host of benefits that went far beyond aesthetics alone. It was at that point I realized that working out is a parallel to life. The confidence and work ethic developed from your training is transferable to your career, relationships, self care, and overall happiness. At this point, it was a no brainer that I wanted to start a career where I could help people make this connection point for themselves.

Favorite Song

Ms. Jackson by Outkast

What Body Positive Means to TJ

It means creating your own reality. If you want your body to look or not look a certain way (within reason of course), you can and should do what serves your own personal interests and desires. Not the world's interest and desires, but your own.

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