Shawn Clements-Ahava

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Shawn dove into functional fitness after years of sports.  She found her passion and love in seeing what her body can do. As an adaptive athlete and coach, Shawn has since found that love in training others to find their best hours of their days in playing with fitness. She uses a combination of her certification from ACE and CrossFit to bring that to life. There is always a lot of laughter and sweat.

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Shawn's Fitness Journey

Shawn's journey started 9 years ago, as she searched for passion that left after her college sporting career ended. Shawn found a love in functional fitness, which helped her to find her love of life again. Since then, she has used her knowledge to bring the joy of fitness to others.

Favorite Song

"Best Life" by Cardi B

What Body Positive Means to Shawn

Body positivity means loving yourself for what you can do and can’t do.  It means not stopping because someone says "you can't." As an adaptive athlete, people try to tell me "no" a lot. I refuse to take a "no."

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