Lexie Brown


I was introduced to weightlifting in 2014 through an Intro to Weightlifting class I had to take for college. Over the course of the semester, I gained strength and confidence that I never thought were possible. I continued to lift weights and learn more about strength training over the next several years. I made the decision to become a certified personal trainer in 2019 and I earned my B.S. in Health & Fitness from the University of North Georgia in 2021.

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Lexie's Fitness Journey

I have enjoyed being active since childhood. My mom enrolled me in gymnastics when I was four years old because I was always on the move: running, climbing, twirling, dancing. When I got older, I stopped gymnastics and transitioned to ballet. I loved it more than anything in the world and wanted to be a professional dancer after high school. However, I developed severe body image issues and eating disorders that made me very sick. I quit dancing and decided to go to college to study health and fitness. Since then, I have learned to love my body and all that it does for me, and have discovered new sports and forms of movement that bring me joy, including rock climbing, weight lifting, and hiking.

Favorite Song

Sonreír by KURT

What Body Positive Means to Lexie

Celebrating your body as it is today, knowing that you only get one body and there is no other like it on the planet!

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