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I have personal experience with eating and body image disorders, and I didn’t have a positive relationship with fitness until a few years ago. I became involved in an inclusive and supportive exercise program for people of all ages, genders, abilities and fitness levels. This program helped me see that there are so many benefits to exercise, ranging from developing a sense of pride and accomplishment to feeling strong and confident in your own body and so much more. My experience in this program inspired me to become an ACE certified personal trainer and help others develop a positive relationship with fitness as well.

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Henley's Fitness Journey

A few years ago, I became involved in a very inclusive and supportive exercise program that was unlike anything I'd experienced before. It changed my life to the point that I went from rarely exercising and absolutely hating it when I did, to exercising regularly and loving it. I wanted to help other people experience all the benefits that I gained from exercise, which led me to become a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

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Anything from the early days of Britney Spears

What Body Positive Means to Henley

Body Positivity means loving yourself unconditionally

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