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Group Exercise Instructor
Hi there! I was born and raised in a suburb of New York City then moved south to North Carolina to get my degree in Business Management and Human Resources from Elon University. Since then I've earned my group fitness certification and started teaching group fitness on the side because I wanted to share my love of fitness with anyone who wants to do have some fun (and maybe do burpees) with me! My goal as a fitness instructor is to show my participants that everybody and EVERY BODY is a great body and impress them with what they can achieve. I am very excited to be that coach and that cheerleader for all of you!

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Grace's Fitness Journey

I have always had an active lifestyle; I grew up playing sports and being an active dancer all the way up until I entered college. My true fitness journey and love of fitness did not start though until I hit college. When my parents moved to a new state and I was home for the summer, stuck in a new city where I didn't know anyone, I began going to the local fitness studio to find a sense of community and that is exactly what I found. Shortly after, I went back to school and those fitness habits stuck with me and I continued going to group fitness classes; ultimately, group fitness became a sort of outlet, a stress reliever for me. I have stuck with that and became an instructor because I want to share my love of fitness with everyone!

Favorite Song

this is like asking me to pick a favorite child.....Right now I would probably say it is Forever & Always by Taylor Swift

What Body Positive Means to Grace

Exactly what I stated before - Every body is a GREAT body. No matter what, every body and everybody is amazing.

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