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I’m a two-time alumnus of the University of Georgia. While studying at UGA, I found my niche as a musician in the UGA Redcoat Band. Upon graduating from UGA (and exhausting my eligibility in the UGA Redcoat Band), I began my own fitness journey. What started off as an endeavor that was rooted in vanity, quickly became an endeavor rooted in the love of movement. This love of movement, coupled with a desire to help others, is what ultimately drew me to Personal Training. After obtaining my ACE PT certification in August of 2018, I immediately hit the ground running and accepted my first full-time job in the fitness industry. And the rest (as they say) is history.

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Caleb's Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began as an undergraduate at UGA. I found myself wanting a constructive way to replace my first love, music. In the beginning, I pursued strictly “vanity” goals. That is, I was only interested in a way to “look better.” This quickly shifted once I found myself feeling more energized and much less stressed out. Since then, I have obtained my CPT certification through ACE, worked at numerous gyms as a personal trainer and manager. And now, I’m enjoying a role at Clarity Fitness as the Operations Manager.

Favorite Song

Outkast - SpottieOttieDopalicious

What Body Positive Means to Caleb

Body Positivity, to me, is all about blocking out the external noise and getting back to what’s important to me. The best thing BP has done for me is teach me how to get back to the basics. What do I enjoy? What do I value? And why would I ever want to shame myself into looking any other way than I already do? In short, BP has taught me that I am enough.

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