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I grew up in north Florida, bounced all over the U.S. in my early/mid twenties and most recently moved to Atlanta from Detroit, Michigan. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science from Wayne State University, ACSM CPT and I teach Kettlebell technique through the DV8 method. I was never an athlete but I worked at a local gym as my first job in high school and started lifting weights. I fell in love with how they made me feel. Strong

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Anna's Fitness Journey

I didn't get back into fitness until 5 years ago and it was because I wanted to become healthier. But what I really meant was I wanted to look like the fit girls on Instagram. My pursuit of "health" quickly became unhealthy and disordered in my eating and obsession over my physique. It took me several years and an introduction to the Body Positive movement, Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating to repair my relationship with food, exercise and my body. I now train in a way that focuses on what my body can do, how it performs, and what it's capable of, instead of how it looks. And that's exactly how I like to coach my clients.

Favorite Song

"Boogie Shoes" KC & the Sunshine Band

What Body Positive Means to Anna

Body positive for me, has less to do with how much I actually love my body and more about the daily commitment I make to myself to respect it, nourish it, and trust my own intuition over the noise of diet + fitness culture.

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